FAQ: Questions and Answers

Placing An Order

When can I expect to receive my window coverings after I place an order?

Although exact completion can not be guaranteed, normally most blinds and shades are manufactured in 2 weeks or less. You can expect a 2 to 3 week turnaround time from order to installation.

Custom Drapery will have a 6 to 8 weeks completion time; exact completion time is out of our control and can not be guaranteed.

Payment of Products

Must I pay in full up front and what form of payment is accepted?

A 50% deposit is required upon placing your order. The balance will be due upon receipt of your order or at installation.

Payment can be made by check. We also accept all major credit cards.


What type of warranty is on the window coverings?

Each manufacturer warrants their products. Most offer a "Limited" Lifetime Warranty. If you should receive a defective product, A Fine Design will assist you in every way to correct the problem, or see that a new blind or shade is manufactured for you.


What is the return policy?

There is no cancellation or return of custom window coverings, once the order has been placed.

If you should be unhappy with the blinds, draperies, or other products you selected, we will assist in finding a suitable replacement at a reduced cost.